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Just an amateur photographer/cosplayer who likes anime, movies, music, games and general fun stuff :)

Favourite cartoon character: Guts

I'm sorry for the HUGE lack in activity here, I'm so borig, hehe ^^'

The main reason for not postig any pictures is because I haven't been to any shoots in almost a year :( (for reasons I will not post here) So no new pictures, no new stuff to post. Hopefully this will change a bit in the next year. Hopefully. I miss it tremendously it's rather heartbreaking and I also want to improve, but can't improve if I never do it...

Also, I went to Anime North this year, I was sooooo looking forward to it!. Guess it was my chance to finally take some pics, but ended up taking few. I was... somewhat down and depressed for many reasons that weekend and my heart wasn't in it. Which made me more sad cause I just couldn't wait to go to that convention. Not all was bad though, I had any happy moments: I got to hang out with some cool people I rarely get to see (I won't start tagging cause it's late and I'm lazy ;P But you know who you are ^^) and wore a new cosplay! Yes, a NEW cosplay! Me! And unlike the last one, that I mainly avoid pics cause I hate it, I actually like this one! It's Mayuri from Stein's Gate. It's confortable, I made it 100% by myself and I'm happy and proud of it ^^ I'll try to make a shoot this summer to get some nice pics that I could post here. I haven't posted pics of myself in ages ^^' I'll be re-wearing her at Otakuthon this summer! :D

I'm working on another new cosplay for Otakuthon, and that is Chie Satonaka! I've been meaning to cosplay her for 2 years now and now I am! Can't wait to finish this one and debute it ^^ I will make my best to get soe good pics of this one too ;P

If your curious of my 2014 cosplay plans here they are (for now):á

-Maou from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (the ''human'' version'') I would like to make this for Cotume-Con!!
-Nys from Persona 3. I had originally planned on making it for past Anime North, but for budget reasons, couldn't. Now I have a bunch of awesome friends who did... pretty uch all the other characters, so I have no choice now. Ain't that too bad ;P

Well, sorry again for lack of activity, I will do my best this summer to add some awesome pics of my new cosplays!! And try to infiltrate a photoshoot or two ;P Feel free to poke me if you want me and my camera around!

P.S: I will be making a ''how to sew sleeves'' tutorial this summer. I've noticed many people hate them with a passion and even though I am a TOTAL NEWB at sewing and crafting, I find the method I was thaught to sew them works fine for me, so I will be sharing in case it can help soeone. It might be the worst way ever to sew them, I don't know XD

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FireDragonRem Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Allo c'est andrew :iconilikeitplz:
ichigopaul23 Sep 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch i really appreciate it :)
It's my pleasure ^^ You'ra art is beautiful <3 
thanks for the watch :D
Oh your very welcome! I was reading the ''photographers of the month'' on, and your gallery is just beyond amazing! I simply have to keep following your art <3 
Hihi merci pour le watch ^^
Ca fait plaisir, j'me suis rendu compte randomly que j'te stalkais pas, alors j'ai corriger ca ^^
Mouhahaha stalkage amorcÚ ^^'
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